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He also found that when he began dating after a divorce, women were turned off when his cannabis use came up in conversation."I would go on a date with someone, I would say that I use cannabis frequently both to relax and also for fun, and I was really surprised by the level of judgment I was still getting in a state like Colorado," said Mitchem, 44, who said he met his current girlfriend on the app.

Like other dating apps such as Grnder for gay men, the High There!

Although pot use is illegal in Florida, there's a buzz for change.

Palm Beach county commissioners are considering allowing law enforcement officers the option of handing out 0 civil citations similar to traffic tickets rather than arresting adults for possessing small amounts of marijuana.

The 33-year-old said he uses the app for meeting other marijuana enthusiasts who, like him, enjoy the outdoors when they're high."It's a pretty easygoing way of meeting people, friends or other people with similar interests,'' said Barone, who described himself as a "high energy guy" when he vapes cannabis on the weekends. I just go in and browse to see if there any new people who have been added in the area."The app is intended for folks 18-years-old and older and it's available for free on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Launched last February and similar in look and function to the popular dating app Tinder, the app lets users create profiles with their photos and interests.

In September, Hallandale Beach commissioners passed a similar law.

The city of West Palm Beach and Miami-Dade County have also approved laws that create alternatives to jail time for marijuana possession.

One new resident to Fort Lauderdale reached out to a reporter for a friendly toke.

(Note to editor: The meetup didn't happen.)One 25-year-old Delray Beach woman, who didn't want to be named, said she uses the app to meet other pot smokers when she travels for her job as a software consultant.

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app uses GPS to alert how close another user is (1 mile to as far as 420 miles in the U. So far, the app has 100,000 active users, according to the founders.

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